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Todd Lemons

For over 25 years Todd has developed disruptive social & environmental enterprise models to build companies that solve environmental challenges through market based sustainability solutions. Under his leadership as CEO, EnVision Corporation has continuously redefined conservation & sustainability through the lens of economics and engineering. EnVision has incubated several pioneering companies that are leaders in their industries including: EnTech Industries (later reorganized as Composite Technology International) – Utilizing a proprietary technology patented by Todd, CTI became Masonite Door’s largest international supplier of products manufactured in China, and the largest supplier of sustainable door frame systems to Home Depot. InfiniteEARTH Ltd. – Considered a pioneer in Tropical Forest Conservation Land Banking, the company authored the world’s first Forest Conservation Carbon Accounting Methodology known as REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Avoided Deforestation & Degradation), which was recently embodied in the Paris Agreement, the United Nations. FarmWorks – a 3D Mobile Urban Farming startup focusing on developing leap-frog technology for Sustainable Food Production. Veridium - an Environmental FinTech company leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent pricing mechanism for Natural Capital and a platform for sustainable supply-chain solutions with the creating of an entirely new asset class of environmentally net positive commodities.