Rahilla Zafar.jpeg

Rahilla Zafar

Managing Director, ConsenSys


Rahilla is member of the founding team in Dubai where ConsenSys was named the city's blockchain advisor by Smart Dubai. She is also a founding member of ConsenSys Research, and manages business development and partnerships for a leading blockchain healthcare product being incubated by ConsenSys.

She previously was based in Afghanistan and Pakistan working for the International Organization for Migration, the NATO-led mission, and government initiatives focused on humanitarian outreach. She holds two graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics and received her undergraduate degree from DePaul University. While a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, Rahilla co- authored Arab Women Rising with the award-winning journalist Nafeesa Syeed highlighting women entrepreneurs from across the Middle East published by Knowledge@Wharton (K@W). She’s been a contributor to K@W with a longtime focus on innovative technologies and its impact on women in particular. She also was a contributing writer for K@W interviewing participants and writing pieces for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative.