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Michael Maloney

CEO at VestChain


Michael is a Blockchain Technology Solution Architect, and the CEO and CTO of VestChain. He has extensive experience in building blockchain applications, and is focused on bridging the gap between blockchain and financial markets. Michael has a decade of technology and regulatory compliance experience consulting for global financial clients.

Michael is also the CTO and co-founder of eduDAO, a blockchain fundraising platform that provides direct pass-through funding for education non-profits throughout low-income New York neighborhoods. eduDAO is a first of its kind platform that leverages the Ethereum protocol to provide total transparency in funding, while also reducing the barrier of entry for institutions seeking to serve the community.

Formerly, Michael was Blockchain CTO at EY, responsible for globally coordinating technology resources, leading development of blockchain solutions, and overseeing technical evaluations of vendors. In this role he built solutions from proof of concept to full-scale applications for multiple service lines, both within and without financial markets.