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HARA is a blockchain-based decentralized agriculture data exchange. Without access to near-time data, every day millions of smallholder farmers and thousands of agriculture stakeholders are unable to make better farming and economic decisions. The productivity loss of global smallholder agriculture industry is estimated to be around 20-30% annually. HARA is a decentralized agriculture data exchange that aims to change that. HARA’s mission is to create a thriving agriculture economy with data as agriculture’s new commodity. Using blockchain with smart contracts, HARA's transparent and traceable data exchange ensures every player is incentivized to provide reliable data. This allows every agriculture player to benefit, including smallholder farmers.

HARA is built on top of an already growing platform. HARA has been developing its own mobile application, dashboard and data collection model for farmers since 2015. HARA has helped thousands of Indonesian smallholder farmers and supply chain to improve access to information, market, and financing. In 2018, HARA is expanding to other equatorial countries in South East Asia, Africa, and South America.

HARA is founded by serial entrepreneurs, Regi Wahyu & Imron Zuhri, both co-founders of Dattabot, Indonesia’s leading big data analytics company. HARA is backed by a strong team of experts, investors, and advisors from multiple sectors globally. HARA is based in Singapore and Jakarta.

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