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Diego Espinosa  

Diego Espinosa is a blockchain entrepreneur at ConsenSys. Espinosa is the Founder of Linnia, a health data sharing platform that enables person-centric healthcare and gives consumers agency over their lifetime health. He started the venture after reversing his own borderline diabetes. In addition to his venture activities, Espinosa writes on the meaning of blockchain tokens and their role in our economy and society. He is passionate about using blockchain technology to solve issues of inequality, preventative health and data rights.

In his previous life, Espinosa was a hedge fund manager, PM of a $10b Global Equity fund, Wall Street research director and #1-ranked securities analyst. He began his career as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Espinosa has been an active impact investor and mentored three veteran-run start-ups in sustainable ag. He has a Wharton MBA, and his academic experience extends to teaching Finance at the University of San Diego and designing a course on complex systems. He lives in Portland with his wife and a red golden retriever.

Twitter: @dvespinosa