Blockchain for Social Impact Conference







Fri, November 17, 2017

New York City


Thank you for joining us at the inaugural Blockchain for Social Impact Conference, as we convene to help solve global challenges in the areas of Financial Inclusion, Supply Chain, Identity & Vulnerable Populations, and Energy & Environment, using the most world's most revolutionary technology - Ethereum blockchain.

We met in New York on November 17th to understand the current work undertaken by NGOs, Charities, technologists impact investors and social entrepreneurs on the ground and to showcase solutions built by over 60 teams over the last month during our Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon, a.k.a. the first BSIC Decentralized Impact Accelerator.

Our work is far from done, and the problems are not getting easier. Join our conversation. Dive into the possibilities that blockchain brings us. And be part of the shift into the future.

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