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Alice is a social impact engine built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to make the impact of social organizations radically transparent and accessible, so that they can raise the funds they need to eradicate the world's biggest problems. Our first project, helping London rough sleepers in partnership with St Mungo's, a UK-based homelessness nonprofit, is now live at

Alice incentivizes social organizations (charities, NGOs, social enterprises) to provide verified data about their impact, by using smart contracts that tie payments to their results and reward them for sharing their data with third parties.

This makes it much easier for funders (philanthropic organizations, impact investors, small donors) to identify and help scale social projects that actually work, while giving them total transparency on the good that their money achieves. As well as reducing due diligence and performance management costs, Alice's protocols simplify the design of complex instruments such as social impact bonds, provide liquidity thanks to a secondary impact investment market, and ensure data protection through secure selective disclosure mechanisms on the blockchain.


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